Summarising Multi Well Plate Cellular Assay

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Documentation for package ‘bioassays’ version 1.0.1

Help Pages

bioassays Bioassays: A Package for Analyzing Multi Well Plate Bioassay's.
data2plateformat Renaming column and Row of Multiwell Data to Match Plate Format
data_DF1 Data of 96 well plate.
dfsummary Summarize a Dataframe After Grouping Samples
estimate Estimate Samples from Standard Curve
extract_filename Extract Information From File Name
heatplate Heatmap of multi well plate
matrix96 Formatting Long Dataframe in to a Matrix Layout of Multi well Plate
metafile384 Metadata of 384 Well Plate
metafile96 Metadata of 96 Well Plate.
plate2df Format Matrix Type 2D Data of Multi well Plate as Dataframe
plate_metadata Combining Plate Specific Information with Metadata
pvalue t-Test on Summary Dataframe
rawdata24 Rawdata of 24 well plate.
rawdata384 Rawdata of 384 well plate.
rawdata96 Rawdata of 96 well plate.
reduceblank Reduce Blank Values
rmodd_summary Summarise a Numerical Vector with Control on Outlier Removal