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Coverage plots for binomial confidence intervals


Constructs coverage plots for binomial confidence intervals.


binom.plot(n, method = binom.lrt, np = 500,
           conf.level = 0.95, actual = conf.level,
           type = c("xyplot", "levelplot"),
           tol = .Machine$double.eps^0.5, ...)



The number of independent trials in the binomial experiment.


The level of confidence to be used in the confidence interval.


Number of points to use in the plot.


The method used to estimate the confidence interval.


The actual confidence interval used in the confidence interval. See Details.


See Details.


The minimum probability of success to use in the plot.


Additional arguments to pass to panel.xyplot or panel.levelplot.


If type is "xyplot", a line plot is created with coverage on the y-axis and binomial probability on the x-axis. A separate panel for every n is provided. If actual is provided then a horizontal reference line is added to the plot. This is only useful when actual is different from conf.level, as is the case when calling binom.optim.

If type is "levelplot", a image plot is created with x = 0 to n on the vertical axis and binomial probability on the horizontal axis. Each row in the plot will be the confidence level for a given x. The color of the confidence interval is determined by the coverage probability. The argument n must only be of length one. If not, only the first n will be used and a warning is issued.

In either plot type, the number of points at which the coverage probability is determined is specified by np. Increasing np gives a finer granularity but performance will suffer.


An object of class trellis.


Sundar Dorai-Raj (

See Also

binom.confint, binom.optim, xyplot, levelplot


binom.plot(5, type = "levelplot")
binom.plot(c(3, 5, 10, 25), type = "xyplot")

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