Binary Logic

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Documentation for package ‘binaryLogic’ version 0.3.9

Help Pages

binaryLogic-package Binary Logic GNU R Package
as.binary as binary digit.
bin2gray A gray code converter function
binAdd Binary Addition (+)
binary Binary digit.
binaryLogic Binary Logic GNU R Package
binaryPrefix Binary prefix (KiB,MiB,..)
binSeq Binary sequence
byte A simple helper function to return the size of one byte
bytesNeeded Minimum number of "byte" needed to hold n "bit"
fillUpToBit Fill up to bit (000..)
fillUpToByte Fill up to Byte (00000000..)
gray2bin A gray code to binary converter function
is.binary is Binary Vector
loadAttributes loadAttributes Helper function load Attributes
negate Binary Negation (!)
Ops.binary Group Generic Ops
print.binary Print method for binary number.
rotate Rotate no carry ()
saveAttributes saveAttributes Helper function save Attributes
shiftLeft Binary Left Shift (<<)
shiftRight Binary Right Shift (>>)
summary.binary Summary method for binary number.
switchEndianess Switch Endianess.