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Bay Area bike share weather info


Weather information for each day of year 2014 corresponding to various zip codes in the Bay Area where bike share stations are available.




A data.frame containing 1825 rows and 24 columns.

Date - date - date
integer - max_temp_f - max temperature, in Fahrenheit
integer - mean_temp_f - mean temperature, in Fahrenheit
integer - min_temp_f - min temperature, in Fahrenheit
integer - max_dew_point_f - max dew point temperature, in Fahrenheit
integer - mean_dew_point_f - mean dew point temperature, in Fahrenheit
integer - min_dew_point_f - min dew point temperature, in Fahrenheit
integer - max_humidity - max humidity
integer - mean_humidity - mean humidity
integer - min_humidity - min humidity
numeric - max_sea_level_pressure_in - max sea level pressure (in inches)
numeric - mean_sea_level_pressure_in - mean sea level pressure (in inches)
numeric - min_sea_level_pressure_in - min sea level pressure (in inches)
integer - max_visibility_miles - max visibility
integer - mean_visibility_miles - mean visibility
integer - min_visibility_miles - min visibility
integer - max_wind_speed_mph - max wind speed (in mph)
integer - mean_wind_speed_mph - mean wind speed (in mph)
integer - max_gust_speed_mph - max gust speed (in mph)
character - precipitation_in - precipitation (in inches)
integer - cloud_cover - categorical value indicating coverage of clouds (max=8, min=0)
character - events - events such as rain, fog, thunderstorm etc. recorded
integer - wind_dir_degrees - wind direction (in degrees)
character - zip_code - zip code for which these measurements are recorded


Data from 2017 on: (Please see for more info on project page).

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