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Bay Area bike share data


Anonymised bike share trips from the Bay Area for the year 2014.




A data.frame containing 326339 rows and 11 columns.

integer - trip_id - unique id associated with each trip
integer - duration - duration of the trip (in seconds)
POSIXct - start_date - start date including time
character - start_station - station where trip started
integer - start_terminal - terminal id of station where trip started
POSIXct - end_date - end date including time
character - end_station - station where trip ended
integer - end_terminal - terminal id of station where trip ended
integer - bike_id - unique id of the bike used
character - subscription_type - subscription holder or regular customer?
character - zip_code - zip code


Data from 2017 on: (Please see for more info on project page).

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