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Check number of cores


Check that you are not trying to use too many cores.





Number of cores to check. Make sure is not larger than getOption("bigstatsr.ncores.max") (number of logical cores by default). We advise you to use nb_cores(). If you really know what you are doing, you can change this default value with options(bigstatsr.ncores.max = Inf).


It also checks if two levels of parallelism are used, i.e. having ncores larger than 1, and having a parallel BLAS enabled by default. You could remove this check by setting options(bigstatsr.check.parallel.blas = FALSE).

We instead recommend that you disable parallel BLAS by default by adding try(bigparallelr::set_blas_ncores(1), silent = TRUE) to your .Rprofile (with an empty line at the end of this file) so that this is set whenever you start a new R session. You can use usethis::edit_r_profile() to open your .Rprofile. For this to be effective, you should restart the R session or run options(default.nproc.blas = NULL) once in the current session.

Then, in a specific R session, you can set a different number of cores to use for matrix computations using bigparallelr::set_blas_ncores(), if you know there is no other level of parallelism involved in your code.


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