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Maximum matching in a convex bipartite graph.


Uses Glover's (1967) algorithm to find a maximum matching in a doubly convex bipartite graph. The implementation uses a priority queue, not used by Glover, as in Lipski and Preparata (1981). Of limited interest to most users; function glover() would typically be called by other functions.


glover(left, right)



Treated person i may be matched to controls j with left[i] <= j <= right[i]. There are length(left) treated individuals and length(left)=length(right). Must have left[i]<=right[i] for every i. Define maxc = max(right). Then there are maxc potential control, labeled 1, 2,..., maxc. The values in left and right are these labels for controls.


See left.


The match produced by glover is rarely useful in observational studies, because it finds a match, not the closest match, not the minimum distance match.

The glover algorithm may be used to find the smallest feasible caliper on a certain criterion. Each caliper on the criterion creates a different convex bipartite graph. Use glover to check whether a particular caliper is feasible. Use bisection search to find the smallest caliper that permits a match. There are many variations on this theme.

The glover algorithm is much faster than optimal matching. Iterative use of glover's algorithm is often faster than a single minimum distance match.


The maximum matching ratio. A perfect matching has every treated individual i matched to a different control j with left[i] <= j <= right[i]. A perfect matching may not exist. A number smaller than 1 is returned if no perfect matching exists. Otherwise, 1 is returned.


Glover, F. (1967). Maximum Matching In Convex Bipartite Graphs. Naval Research Logistics Quarterly, 14, pp 313-316.

Lipski, W., Jr, and Preparata, F. P. (1981). Efficient Algorithms For Finding Maximum Matchings In Convex Bipartite Graphs And Related Problems. Journal Acta Informatica, 15, 4, pp 329-346.


# A perfect matching exists, and glover produces one.

# No perfect matching exists, and glover returns maximum matching ratio.
# Treated 4 and treated 5 can only be matched to control 5.


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