Store Distance Matrices on Disk

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Documentation for package ‘bigdist’ version 0.1.4

Help Pages

package_bigdist-package Package: bigdist
as_bigdist Convert to bigdist
bigdist Read or Create a distance matrix on disk
bigdist_extract Extract parts of bigdist
bigdist_replace Replace parts of bigdist
bigdist_size Size of bigdist
bigdist_subset Subset parts of bigdist
colStartIndex Get the column start index
distIndex Compute distance between a row and its subsequent rows
dist_ij_k Vectorized version of dist_ij_k_
dist_ij_k_ Convert ij index to k index
dist_k_ij Vectorized version of dist_k_ij_
dist_k_ij_ Convert kth index to ij index
package_bigdist Package: bigdist
_PACKAGE Package: bigdist