Interface with Google BigQuery with Shiny Compatibility

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Documentation for package ‘bigQueryR’ version 0.5.0

Help Pages

bigQueryR-package bigQueryR
bigQueryR bigQueryR
bqr_auth Authenticate this session
bqr_copy_dataset Copy datasets
bqr_copy_table Copy BigQuery table
bqr_create_table Create a Table
bqr_delete_table Delete a Table
bqr_download_extract Download extract data
bqr_download_query Download data from BigQuery to local folder
bqr_extract_data Extract data asynchronously
bqr_get_global_dataset Get global dataset name
bqr_get_global_project Get global project name
bqr_get_job Poll a jobId
bqr_global_dataset Set global dataset name
bqr_global_project Set global project name
bqr_grant_extract_access Grant access to an extract on Google Cloud Storage
bqr_list_datasets List BigQuery datasets
bqr_list_jobs List BigQuery jobs
bqr_list_projects List Google Dev Console projects you have access to
bqr_list_tables List BigQuery tables in a dataset
bqr_partition Convert date-sharded tables to a single partitioned table
bqr_patch_table Update a Table
bqr_query Query a BigQuery Table
bqr_query_asynch BigQuery query asynchronously
bqr_table_data Get BigQuery Table's data list
bqr_table_meta Get BigQuery Table meta data
bqr_upload_data Upload data to BigQuery
bqr_wait_for_job Wait for a bigQuery job
bq_get_global_dataset Get global dataset name
bq_get_global_project Get global project name
bq_global_dataset Set global dataset name
bq_global_project Set global project name
schema_fields Create data schema for upload to BigQuery
Table Table Object