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Asymptotic bias correction for binary choice Models with fixed effects


bias_corr is a post-estimation routine that can be used to substantially reduce the incidental parameter bias problem (Neyman and Scott (1948)) present in non-linear fixed effects models (see Fernández-Val and Weidner (2018) for an overview). The command applies the analytical bias correction derived by Fernández-Val (2009) to obtain bias-corrected estimates of the structural parameters.

Remark: Fernández-Val (2009) further refined the bias correction of Hahn and Newey (2004). The correction is now also applicable to models with weakly exogenous regressors.


bias_corr(object, L = 0L)



an object of class "bife".


unsigned integer indicating a bandwidth for the estimation of spectral densities proposed by Hahn and Kuersteiner (2011). Default is zero, which should be used if all regressors are assumed to be strictly exogenous. In the presence of weakly exogenous or predetermined regressors, Fernández-Val and Weidner (2018) suggest to choose a bandwidth not higher than four.


The function bias_corr returns a named list of class "bife".


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# Load 'psid' dataset
dataset <- psid

# Fit a static logit model
mod <- bife(LFP ~ I(AGE^2) + log(INCH) + KID1 + KID2 + KID3 + factor(TIME) | ID, dataset)

# Apply analytical bias correction
mod_bc <- bias_corr(mod)

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