bgg_variables {bggAnalytics}R Documentation

All variables that are available for fetching through bggAPI objects


Contains names and specification of variables that can be used in fetch and expand methods of classes that inherit from bggAPI.




A data.table with the following columns:


a character vector, names of class that is able to fetch given variable.

PrettyName, ClassicName

a character vector, names of variables in the two available styles, "pretty" and "classic".


a logical vector, whether the variable is scalar, i.e. does the length of a fetched variable vector is equal to the length of object's ids field. Every scalar variable may be used in the expand methods.


a logical vector, whether the object needs the parameter stats = TRUE to fetch this variable.


a character vector, names of functions that are used to compress variables to scalar variables when using fetch(., compress = TRUE) or expand for non-scalar variables. "NULL" means that a variable is non-compressible.


A variable can be used by the object's extend method if it's Scalar value is TRUE or Compression is not equal to "NULL".

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