Beta-Diversity of Species Interactions

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Documentation for package ‘betalink’ version 2.2.1

Help Pages

anemonefish Anemone/fish interaction data
B01 Whittaker
B02 Harrison
B03 Cody
B04 WeiherBoylen
B05 Routledge
B06 WilsonShmida
B07 Routledge2
B08 WilsonShmida2
B09 MourelleEzcurra
B10 Jaccard
B11 Sorensen
B12 Magurran
B13 Harrison2
B14 Cody2
B15 ColwellCoddington
B16 Gaston
B17 Williams
B18 Lande
B19 Williams2
B20 HarteKinzig
B21 Ruggiero
B22 Lennon
B23 Lennon2
B24 B24
betalink beta-diversity of two networks
betapart Partition sets A and B
beta_os_prime Measure the distance between a network and its metaweb
df_from_A data.frame from adjancency matrix
metaweb Returns a metaweb given a list of networks
name_networks Give names to networks
network_betadiversity Components of beta-diversity for a list of networks
network_betaplot Plot a network with species and interactions highlighted
prepare_networks Prepare networks