Boosting Beta Regression

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Documentation for package ‘betaboost’ version 1.0.1

Help Pages

add_bolsform Building mboost formulas
betaboost Function for boosting beta regression
BetaReg BetaReg family for boosting beta regression
confint Pointwise Bootstrap Confidence Intervals
confint.betaboost Pointwise Bootstrap Confidence Intervals
dataqol2 Longitudinal quality of life data
LH.betaboost Computing pseudo R^2 for betaboost models.
make_mboostform Building mboost formulas
predict Predictions for betaboost models
predict.betaboost Predictions for betaboost models
QoLdata Examplary Quality of Life data
R2.betaboost Computing pseudo R^2 for betaboost models.