beep_on_error {beepr}R Documentation

Play a short sound if there is an error


beep_on_error wraps an expression and plays a short sound only if an error occurs.


beep_on_error(expr, sound = 1)



An expression to be evaluated for errors.


character string or number specifying what sound to be played by either specifying one of the built in sounds, specifying the path to a wav file or specifying an url. The default is 1. Possible sounds are:

  1. "ping"

  2. "coin"

  3. "fanfare"

  4. "complete"

  5. "treasure"

  6. "ready"

  7. "shotgun"

  8. "mario"

  9. "wilhelm"

  10. "facebook"

  11. "sword"

If sound does not match any of the sounds above, or is a valid path or url, a random sound will be played. Currently beep can only handle http urls, https is not supported.


If beep is not able to play the sound a warning is issued rather than an error. This is in order to not risk aborting or stopping the process that you wanted to get notified about.


# Play a "ping" sound if \code{expr} produces an error

# Stay silent if \code{expr} does not produce an error

## Not run: 
# Play the Wilhelm scream instead of a ping on error.
beep_on_error(runif("bar"), "wilhelm")

## End(Not run)

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