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Create Normal Emax Model From File


Create a simulation model object for optimisation of the dose and sample size for a (or several, parallel) phase III clinical trial given phase II data. There is one efficacy response and one safety response obtained as sample means for each group of patients given a specific dose. These are both normal given the true populations means. The population means for efficacy and safety are in turn modeled using two independent Emax models. This function uses the file ‘normal_model_jags_data.R’ to specify the parameters of the model instead of the user supplying these as arguments (as for create.normal.model).


create.normal.model.from.file( = NA)


The search path to the installation directory of bdpopt. For the default value, the function will attempt to find the path using search.


See the argument description of create.normal.model for the objects that have to be specified in ‘normal_model_jags_data.R’.


A simulation model object of class sim.model, created using the JAGS data file ‘normal_model_jags_data.R’ and the JAGS model file ‘normal_model_jags_model.R’.


Sebastian Jobjörnsson

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