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Object to handle the keys/attributes/options common to all pipeline flow


This class provides the necessary methods to manage a list of keys or options used along the pipe flow, both those provided by the default library and those implemented by the user.




By default, the application initializes the object named bdpar.Options of type BdparOptions which is in charge of initializing the options used in the defined pipes.

The default fields on bdpar.Options are initialized, if needed, as shown bellow:


- bdpar.Options$set("extractorEML.mpaPartSelected", <<PartSelectedOnMPAlternative>>)


- bdpar.Options$set("resources.abbreviations.path", <<abbreviation.path>>)

- bdpar.Options$set("resources.contractions.path", <<contractions.path>>)

- bdpar.Options$set("resources.interjections.path", <<interjections.path>>)

- bdpar.Options$set("resources.slangs.path", <<slangs.path>>)

- bdpar.Options$set("resources.stopwords.path", <<stopwords.path>>)


- bdpar.Options$set("twitter.consumer.key", <<consumer_key>>)

- bdpar.Options$set("twitter.consumer.secret", <<consumer_secret>>)

- bdpar.Options$set("twitter.access.token", <<access_token>>)

- bdpar.Options$set("twitter.access.token.secret", <<access_token_secret>>)

- bdpar.Options$set("cache.twitter.path", <<cache.path>>)


- bdpar.Options$set("teeCSVPipe.output.path", <<outputh.path>>)


- bdpar.Options$set("", <<app_id>>)

- bdpar.Options$set("", <<app_password>>)

- bdpar.Options$set("", <<cache.path>>)


- bdpar.Options$set("cache", <<status_cache>>)

- bdpar.Options$set("cache.folder", <<cache.path>>)


- bdpar.Options$set("numCores", <<num_cores>>)


- bdpar.Options$set("verbose", <<status_verbose>>)

Cache functionality

If the bdpar cache is configured through the "cache" and "cache.folder" options, the status of the instances will be stored after each pipe. This allows to avoid rejections of previously executed tasks, if the order and configuration of the pipe and pipeline is the same as what is stored in the cache.

If you want to remove the cache, the cleanCache method does this task.

Parallel functionality

The parallelization of instances is configured through the "numCores" option, which indicates the number of cores that will be used in the processing.

In the case of parallelisation, only the log by file will work to allow collecting all the information produced by the cores.

Log configuration

The bdpar log is configured through the configureLog function. This system manages both the place to display the messages and the priority level of each message showing only the messages with a higher level than indicated in the threshold variable.

If you want to deactivate the bdpar log, the disableLog method in bdpar.Options does this task.


See Also

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