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Load Breeding Bird Survey dataset into R Session


load_bbs_data loads the raw, unstratified BBS data into the current R session. The data must have been previously fetched using the fetch_bbs_data function. Note that this function is not necessary to run a Bayesian analysis of BBS data; calling stratify will return stratifed BBS data in a list of data frames.


load_bbs_data(level = "state")



A string, either "state" or "stop", specifying which counts to load. Defaults to "state", which provides counts beginning in 1966, aggregated in five bins, each of which contains cumulative counts from 10 of the 50 stops along a route. Specifying "stop" provides stop-level data beginning in 1997, which includes counts for each stop along routes individually. Note that stop-level data is not currently supported by the modeling utilities in bbsBayes.


Large list (3 elements) consisting of:


Data frame of sample bird point count data per route, per year


Data frame of sample yearly route data


Sample list of North American bird species

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