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Fetch Breeding Bird Survey dataset


fetch_bbs_data uses File Transfer Protocol (FTP) to fetch Breeding Bird Survey data from the United States Geological Survey (USGS) FTP site. This is the raw data that is uploaded to the site before any analyses are performed. A package-specific directory is created on the user's computer (see documentation of rappdirs::appdir for details of where this directory lives), and the BBS data is saved to that directory for use by other functions. Before downloading any data, the user must thoroughly read through the terms and conditions of the user of the data and type the word "yes" to agree.


fetch_bbs_data(level = "state", release = 2022, quiet = FALSE, force = FALSE)



A string, either "state" or "stop", specifying which counts to fetch. Defaults to "state", which provides counts beginning in 1966, aggregated in five bins, each of which contains cumulative counts from 10 of the 50 stops along a route. Specifying "stop" provides stop-level data beginning in 1997, which includes counts for each stop along routes individually. Note that stop-level data is not currently supported by the modeling utilities in bbsBayes.


Integer: what yearly release is desired? options are 2022 (default including data through 2021 field season) or 2020 (including data through 2019)


Logical: should progress bars be suppressed? Defaults to FALSE


Logical: if BBS data already exists on computer, should it be overwritten? Defaults to FALSE



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