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Get MCMC trace draws.


Get MCMC trace draws.


get_draws(foram = NULL, seasonal_seatemp = FALSE)



Optional. String or NULL. String indicating the foram species/subspecies to infer for hierarchical models. String must be one of "G. bulloides", "G. ruber white", "G. ruber pink", "G. sacculifer", "N. incompta", or "N. pachyderma sinistral". NULL indicates that a pooled model is desired.


Optional boolean indicating whether to use the seasonal sea-surface temperature calibrations. Default is FALSE, i.e. using annual SST calibrations.


Four calibration models are available: an "annual pooled" model, a "seasonal pooled" model, an "annual hierarchical" model, and a "seasonal hierarchical" model. This function uses magic to determine which "pooled annual" model is used. Which is the simplest case with potential use for Deep Time reconstructions of nonexant foram species. Giving a valid string for foram will use a hierarchical model, which has foram-specific variability in calibration model parameters. Passing TRUE for seasonal_seatemp will use a model trained on season sea-surface temperatures. See reference paper for further details.


Data frame with columns "alpha", "beta", "tau". Which are equal-length vectors of model parameter draws.

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