residuals.bayesbr {bayesbr}R Documentation

Residuals for bayesbr Objects


A function that receives model information and calculates the residuals according to the required residual.


## S3 method for class 'bayesbr'
residuals(object, type = c("", "quantile", "sweighted", "pearson","ordinary"),...)



an object of the class bayesbr, containing the list returned from the bayesbr function.


A character containing the residual type returned by the model among the possibilities. The type of residue can be quantile, sweighted, pearson or ordinary. The default is quantile.


further arguments passed to or from other methods.


The definitions of the waste generated by the package are available in Espinheira (2008): "pearson" in Equation 2, "sweighted" in Equation 7; and in Pereira (2019): "quantile" in Equation 5;

The type of residue "response" is calculated from the difference between the estimated theta and the variable response of the model.


A vector containing the model residual according to the type of residual calculated


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data("CarTask", package = "bayesbr")

bbr = bayesbr(probability~task + NFCCscale,data=CarTask,
             iter = 100, mean_betas = c(1, 0.5,1.2))

residuals(bbr, type = "quantile")
residuals(bbr, type = "ordinary")
residuals(bbr, type = "sweighted")
residuals(bbr, type = "pearson")

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