ReadingSkills {bayesbr}R Documentation

Dyslexia and IQ Predicting Reading Accuracy


Data to verify the importance of non-verbal IQ in children's reading skills in dyslexic and non-dyslexic children.




A data frame containing 44 observations on 3 variables.


reading score scaled to the open unit interval (see below).


Is the child dyslexic? If 0, no; If 1, yes.


non-verbal intelligence quotient transformed to z-scores.


The data were collected by Pammer and Kevan (2004). The original precision score was transformed by Smithson and Verkuilen (2006) so that the values of precision are always between 0 to 1, enabling the use of beta regression.

First, the original accuracy was scaled using the minimal and maximal score (a and b, respectively) that can be obtained in the test: (original_accuracy - a) / (b - a) (a and b are not provided). Subsequently, the scaled score is transformed to the unit interval using a continuity correction: (scaled_accuracy * (n-1) - 0.5) / n(either with some rounding or using n = 50 rather than 44).

The dyslexia variable that was a qualitative variable was transformed into a quantitative variable to be used by the package functions.


Example 3 from Smithson and Verkuilen (2006) supplements.


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data("ReadingSkills", package = "bayesbr")

bbr = bayesbr(accuracy~iq+dyslexia, iter=1000,warmup=300,

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