Beta Regression on a Bayesian Model

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bayesbr-package bayesbr: A package for Bayesian Beta Regression
AIC_bayesbr Akaike Information Criterion
bayesbr Bayesian Beta Regression with RStan
bayesbr_app The bayesbr Application
bayesbr_app, The bayesbr Application
bayesbr_shiny The bayesbr Application
BIC_bayesbr Bayesian Information Criterion
bodyfat Percentage of Body Fat
CarTask Probability Judgment for Car Dealership with Partition
DIC_bayesbr Deviance Information Criterion
envelope Envelope Graph: Residuals vs Half-Normal Values
fitted.values Fitted Values for Theta on Beta Regression
FoodExpenditure Spending on Food by Household Income
formula Formula Variables
GasolineYield Estimation of Gasoline Yields from Crude Oil
ImpreciseTask Imprecise Probabilities for Sunday Weather and Boeing Stock Task
logLik.bayesbr Model Log Likelihood for 'bayesbr' Objects
loglikPlot Plot Chain of Loglik Using GGplot
MockJurors Mock Jurors' Confidence in Their Verdicts
model.bayesbr Matrix with All Variables for 'bayesbr' Objects
model_frame Model Matrix/Frame with All Variables for 'bayesbr' Objects
model_matrix Model Matrix/Frame with All Variables for 'bayesbr' Objects
pmse Prediction Mean Squared Error in a Beta Regression on a Bayesian Model
predict.bayesbr Prediction Method for 'bayesbr' Objects
print.bayesbr Print for 'bayesbr' Objects
pseudo.r.squared Pseudo R Squared Calculate
ReadingSkills Dyslexia and IQ Predicting Reading Accuracy
residuals.bayesbr Residuals for 'bayesbr' Objects
StressAnxiety Dependency of Anxiety on Stress
summary.bayesbr Summary for 'bayesbr' Objects
summary_delta Coefficients for deltas
summary_mean Variable Coefficients for Theta
summary_precision Variable Coefficients for Zeta
summary_tau_delta Coefficients for tau_delta
summary_tau_xi Coefficients for tau_xi
summary_xi Coefficients for xis
values Values of a Posteriori Distribution
WeatherTask Precise and Imprecise Probabilities and Priming for Weather Task