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Plot an object of class bayesDensity


This function plots an object created by bayesDensity.


## S3 method for class 'bayesDensity'
plot(x, k.cond, dim.plot = TRUE, over = TRUE,
   alegend = TRUE, standard = TRUE, center = FALSE,
   type = "l", bty = "n",
   xlab = expression(epsilon), ylab = expression(f(epsilon)),
   lty, xlim, ylim, xleg, yleg, main, ...)



an object of class bayesDensity.


a numerical vector giving the numbers of mixture components for which the conditional densities are to be plotted. 0 states for the unconditional (overall) density, averaged over the mixture with all possible numbers of components. If NULL, all conditional and the unconditional density found in x will be plotted.


an indicator whether the dimension of the plot used in par(mfrow) should be computed automatically. If dim.plot = FALSE and over = FALSE the user has to determine himself using par(mfrow) how to put the plots on the page.


an indicator whether all densities should be drawn into one plot using different types of lines. If FALSE a separate plot for each density is created.


an indicator whether an automatic legend should be added to the plot.


logical, do we want to plot standardized density?


logical, do we want to plot centered density?, set both standard and center to FALSE if you wish to plot unstandardized density.

xleg, yleg

position of the legend if over = TRUE.

type, bty, xlab, ylab, lty, xlim, ylim, main, ...

other arguments passed to the plot.default function.


No return value.


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