bayessurvreg1.files2init {bayesSurv}R Documentation

Read the initial values for the Bayesian survival regression model to the list.


This function creates the list of initial values as required by the init argument of the function bayessurvreg1. The initials are taken from the files that are of the form of the files where the simulated values from the McMC run performed by the function bayessurvreg1 are stored. The files are assumed to have the following names: "iteration.sim", "mixmoment.sim", "mweight.sim", "mmean.sim", "mvariance.sim", "beta.sim", "b.sim", "Y.sim", "r.sim", "D.sim", "otherp.sim", "u.sim". Some of these files may be missing. In that case, the corresponding initial is filled by NULL.


bayessurvreg1.files2init(dir = getwd(), row, kmax)



string giving the directory where it will be searched for the files with initial values.


the row (possible header does not count) from the files with the values that will be considered to give the initial values. By default, it is the last row from the files.


maximal number of mixture components. This must be given only if header == FALSE.


A list with components called "iter", "mixture", "beta", "b", "D", "y", "r", "otherp", "u" in the form as required by the argument init of the function bayessurvreg1.


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