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compare_distributions draws samples from distribution of the first group and compares them against samples drawn from the distribution of the second group or against a color defined with rgb or hsv components. You can also provide the rope parameter or execute the comparison only through chosen color components (r, g, b, h, s, v).


## S4 method for signature 'color_class'
compare_distributions(object, ...)



color_class object.


fit2 - a second color_class object, rgb - color defined through rgb, hsv - color defined through rgb, rope - region of practical equivalence, pars - components of comparison, a subset of (r, g, b, h, s, v).


Comparison results or an error if something went wrong.


# to use the function you first have to prepare the data and fit the model
# see class documentation for an example of the whole process
# along with an example of how to use this function

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