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Reset the Computational State of Jobs


Resets the computational state of jobs in the Registry. This function automatically checks if any of the jobs to reset is either pending or running. However, if the implemented heuristic fails, this can lead to inconsistencies in the data base. Use with care while jobs are running.


resetJobs(ids = NULL, reg = getDefaultRegistry())



[data.frame or integer]
A data.frame (or data.table) with a column named “”. Alternatively, you may also pass a vector of integerish job ids. If not set, defaults to no job. Invalid ids are ignored.


Registry. If not explicitly passed, uses the default registry (see setDefaultRegistry).


[data.table] of job ids which have been reset. See JoinTables for examples on working with job tables.

See Also

Other debug: getErrorMessages(), getStatus(), grepLogs(), killJobs(), showLog(), testJob()

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