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ClusterFunctions for Sequential Execution in the Running R Session


All jobs are executed sequentially using the current R process in which submitJobs is called. Thus, submitJob blocks the session until the job has finished. The main use of this ClusterFunctions implementation is to test and debug programs on a local computer.

Listing jobs returns an empty vector (as no jobs can be running when you call this) and killJob is not implemented for the same reasons.


  external = FALSE,
  write.logs = TRUE,
  fs.latency = 0



If set to TRUE, jobs are started in a fresh R session instead of currently active but still waits for its termination. Default is FALSE.


Sink the output to log files. Turning logging off can increase the speed of calculations but makes it very difficult to debug. Default is TRUE.


Expected maximum latency of the file system, in seconds. Set to a positive number for network file systems like NFS which enables more robust (but also more expensive) mechanisms to access files and directories. Usually safe to set to 0 to disable the heuristic, e.g. if you are working on a local file system.



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