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ClusterFunctions for Docker


Cluster functions for Docker/Docker Swarm (

The submitJob function executes docker [docker.args] run --detach=true [image.args] [resources] [image] [cmd]. Arguments docker.args, image.args and image can be set on construction. The resources part takes the named resources ncpus and memory from submitJobs and maps them to the arguments --cpu-shares and --memory (in Megabytes). The resource threads is mapped to the environment variables “OMP_NUM_THREADS” and “OPENBLAS_NUM_THREADS”. To reliably identify jobs in the swarm, jobs are labeled with “batchtools=[job.hash]” and named using the current login name (label “user”) and the job hash (label “batchtools”).

listJobsRunning uses docker [docker.args] ps --format={{.ID}} to filter for running jobs.

killJobs uses docker [docker.args] kill [] to filter for running jobs.

These cluster functions use a Hook to remove finished jobs before a new submit and every time the Registry is synchronized (using syncRegistry). This is currently required because docker does not remove terminated containers automatically. Use docker ps -a --filter 'label=batchtools' --filter 'status=exited' to identify and remove terminated containers manually (or usa a cron job).


  docker.args = character(0L),
  image.args = character(0L),
  scheduler.latency = 1,
  fs.latency = 65



Name of the docker image to run.


Additional arguments passed to “docker” *before* the command (“run”, “ps” or “kill”) to execute (e.g., the docker host).


Additional arguments passed to “docker run” (e.g., to define mounts or environment variables).


Time to sleep after important interactions with the scheduler to ensure a sane state. Currently only triggered after calling submitJobs.


Expected maximum latency of the file system, in seconds. Set to a positive number for network file systems like NFS which enables more robust (but also more expensive) mechanisms to access files and directories. Usually safe to set to 0 to disable the heuristic, e.g. if you are working on a local file system.



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