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Kill Jobs


Kill jobs which are currently running on the batch system.

In case of an error when killing, the function tries - after a short sleep - to kill the remaining batch jobs again. If this fails three times for some jobs, the function gives up. Jobs that could be successfully killed are reset in the Registry.


killJobs(ids = NULL, reg = getDefaultRegistry())



[data.frame or integer]
A data.frame (or data.table) with a column named “”. Alternatively, you may also pass a vector of integerish job ids. If not set, defaults to the return value of findOnSystem. Invalid ids are ignored.


Registry. If not explicitly passed, uses the default registry (see setDefaultRegistry).


[data.table] with columns “”, the corresponding “” and the logical flag “killed” indicating success.

See Also

Other debug: getErrorMessages(), getStatus(), grepLogs(), resetJobs(), showLog(), testJob()

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