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1980 Issues Scakes


Issue scales from the 1980 National Election Study. The numbers 0, 8, and 9 are considered to be missing values, except for the two abortion scales, where '7' is also a missing value. Hence, it must be recoded as in the example shown below before scaling. The data is used as an example for blackbox().




The data is formatted as an numeric matrix with the following elements.


matrix, containing reported self-placements along various stimuli on a 7 point Liberal-Conservative scales (with the exception of abortion scales, which are 4 point):

  • libcon1 Liberal-conservative self-placement on 7 point scale.

  • defense Defense spending self-placement on 7 point scale.

  • govserv Government service on 7 point scale.

  • inflation Importance of inflation self-placement on 7 point scale.

  • abortion1 Attitude on abortion 4 point scale.

  • taxcut Support for tax cut on 7 point scale.

  • libcon2 Liberal-conservative self-placement on 7 point scale.

  • govhelpmin Government aid on 7 point scale.

  • russia Attitude towards Russia on 7 point scale.

  • womenrole Role of women on 7 point scale.

  • govjobs Placement of Democrats on 7 point scale.

  • equalrights Support for equal rights on 7 point scale.

  • busing Opinion on busing on 7 point scale.

  • abortion2 Another attitude on abortion on 4 point scale.


Keith Poole

Howard Rosenthal

Jeffrey Lewis

James Lo

Royce Carroll


American national Election Study.

Also availble from Keith Poole.

See Also

' 'blackbox', 'summary.blackbox'.


### Loads issue scales from the 1980 NES.
Issues1980[Issues1980[,"abortion1"]==7,"abortion1"] <- 8	#missing recode
Issues1980[Issues1980[,"abortion2"]==7,"abortion2"] <- 8	#missing recode

### This command conducts estimates, which we instead load using data()
# Issues1980_bb <- blackbox(Issues1980,missing=c(0,8,9),verbose=FALSE,dims=3,minscale=8)


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