Recovering a Basic Space from Issue Scales

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Documentation for package ‘basicspace’ version 0.24

Help Pages

aldmck Aldrich-McKelvey Scaling
blackbox Blackbox Scaling
blackbox_transpose Blackbox transpose Scaling
bootbbt Blackbox Transpose Bootstrap of 1980 Liberal-Conservative Scales.
boot_aldmck Bootstrap of Aldrich-McKelvey Scaling
boot_blackbt Bootstrap of Blackbox Transpose Scaling
colombia 2004 PELA Liberal-Conservative Scales.
fit Extraction function for fit of scaling model
individuals Extraction function for scaled individuals
Issues1980 1980 Issues Scakes
Issues1980_bb Blackbox Estimate, 1980 NES Issue Scales.
LC1980 1980 Liberal-Conservative Scales.
LC1980_bbt Blackbox Transpose Estimate, 1980 Liberal-Conservative Scales.
plot.aldmck Aldrich-McKelvey Coordinate Distribution Plot
plot.aldmck_negative Aldrich-McKelvey Negative Coordinate Distribution Plot
plot.aldmck_positive Aldrich-McKelvey Positive Coordinate Distribution Plot
plot.AM Aldrich-McKelvey Coordinate Distribution Plot
plot.blackbox Blackbox Coordinate Distribution Plot
plot.blackbt Blackbox Transpose Coordinate Distribution Plot
plot.boot_aldmck Bootstrapped Aldrich-McKelvey Stimulus Plots
plot.boot_blackbt Bootstrapped Blackbox Transpose Stimulus Plots
plot.cdf Aldrich-McKelvey Coordinate Cumulative Distribution Plot
plotcdf.blackbt Blackbox Transpose Coordinate Cumulative Distribution Plot
predict.aldmck Predict method of aldmck objects
predict.blackbox Predict method of blackbox objects
predict.blackbt Predict method of blackbt objects
stimuli Stimulus extraction function
summary.aldmck Aldrich-McKelvey Summary
summary.blackbox Blackbox Summary
summary.blackbt Blackbox-Transpose Summary