Computes Hydrograph Separation

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Documentation for package ‘baseflow’ version 0.13.2

Help Pages Class 'BaseflowFilter' Class 'BasinData'
BaseflowFilter Constructor function of class 'BaseflowFilter'
BaseflowFilter-class Class 'BaseflowFilter'
BasinData Constructor function of class 'BasinData'
BasinData-class Class 'BasinData'
bfi Baseflow index computing function
corr_crit Baseflow correlation criterion computation
corr_crit_vect Baseflow vectorized correlation criteria computation
perform_filtering Baseflow filtering function
plot-method Class 'BaseflowFilter'
print-method Class 'BaseflowFilter'
print-method Class 'BasinData'
show-method Class 'BaseflowFilter'
show-method Class 'BasinData'
summary-method Class 'BaseflowFilter'
summary-method Class 'BasinData'