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bardr: providing the complete works of the Bard in tidy format.


The bardr package provides R data structures for all of William Shakespeare's works available in the Project Gutenberg ebook. The provided data are designed to seamlessly work in R without the hassle of data wrangling and cleaning, which has already been performed.


Inspired by the janeaustenr package by Julia Silge: see .

Complete collections

The complete works are available all at one time in two separate formats.

One is a named list, where each entry is a named character vector. The name of the vector is the name of the work, and the contents of the vector are lines of the associated text file (all lines are <= 70 characters).

The other is a data frame with a column for the name of the work (repeated as many times as there are lines of content) and a column for the content of the work, where each cell in the content column is one line of text.

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