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Baldur's empirical Bayes Prior For The Mean In Conditions


Here we assume that the sample mean of each condition is an estimator for the center of the mean prior. In addition, it assumes that the confidence in the prior is proportional to the variance of the peptide.




A stanmodel that can be used in infer_data_and_decision_model.


The Stan code for this model is given by:

S4 class stanmodel 'empirical_bayes' coded as follows:
data {
  int<lower=0> N;     // number of data items
  int<lower=0> K;     // number of conditions
  int C;              // number of comparisons to perform
  matrix[N, K] x;     // design matrix
  vector[N] y;        // data
  matrix[K, C] c;     // contrast matrix
  real alpha;         // alpha prior for gamma
  real beta;          // beta prior for gamma
  vector[N] u;        // uncertainty
  vector[K] mu_not;   // prior mu
transformed data{
  vector[K] n_k;      // per condition reciprocal measurements
  row_vector[C] n_c;  // per comparison measurements
  matrix[K, C] abs_c; // abs of C for n_c calculation
  for (i in 1:K) {
    for (j in 1:C) {
      abs_c[i, j] = abs(c[i, j]);
  for (i in 1:K) {
    n_k[i] = 1/sum(x[,i]);
  n_c = n_k' * abs_c;
  n_c = sqrt(n_c);
  n_k = sqrt(2*n_k);
parameters {
  vector[K] mu;           // mean vector
  real<lower=0> sigma;    // error scale
  array[C] real y_diff;   // difference in coefficients
  vector[K] eta;          // Error in mean
  vector[K] prior_mu_not; // Estimation error
transformed parameters{
  row_vector[C] mu_diff = mu' * c;      // differences in means
  vector[K] sigma_mu_not = sigma * n_k; // variance of ybars
  vector[C] sigma_lfc = sigma * n_c';   // variance of y_diff
model {
  sigma        ~ gamma(alpha, beta);                        // variance
  eta          ~ normal(0, 1);                              // NCP auxilary variable
  prior_mu_not ~ normal(mu_not, sigma_mu_not);              // Prior mean
  mu           ~ normal(prior_mu_not + sigma * eta, sigma); // mean
  y            ~ normal(x * mu, sigma * u);                 // data model
  y_diff       ~ normal(mu_diff, sigma_lfc);                // difference statistic

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