Visualize Balances of Compositional Data

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Documentation for package ‘balance’ version 0.2.4

Help Pages

balance Calculate and Visualize Balances
balance.combine Combine Two Sub-Plots
balance.fromContrast Transform Samples with the ilr of a Balance
balance.fromSBP Compute Balances from an SBP Matrix
balance.plot Calculate and Visualize Balances
bplot-class A pba model S4 class
packageCheck Package Check
pba Principal Balance Analysis
pba-class Principal Balance Analysis
plot-method Principal Balance Analysis
predict-method Principal Balance Analysis
sbp.fromABA Build SBP Matrix of "Anti-Principal Balances"
sbp.fromADBA Build SBP Matrix of "Anti-Principal Discriminant Balances"
sbp.fromHclust Build SBP Matrix from hclust Object
sbp.fromPBA Build SBP Matrix of Principal Balances
sbp.fromPDBA Build SBP Matrix of "Principal Discriminant Balances"
sbp.fromPropd Build SBP Matrix of "Anti-Principal Discriminant Balances"
sbp.fromRandom Build SBP Matrix from Random Tree
sbp.sort Sort SBP Matrix
sbp.subset Subset SBP Matrix
show-method A pba model S4 class
show-method Principal Balance Analysis
ssBetween Calculate Between-Group Log-ratio Sums of Squares
ssWithin Calculate Within-Group Log-ratio Sums of Squares
vlr Calculate Log-ratio Variance
wide2long Make Long Data from Wide Data
[[-method A pba model S4 class