Bayesian Aggregate Treatment Effects

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Documentation for package ‘baggr’ version 0.6.4

Help Pages

baggr-package baggr - a package for Bayesian meta-analysis
baggr Bayesian aggregate treatment effects model
baggr_compare (Run and) compare multiple baggr models
baggr_plot Plotting method in baggr package
baggr_theme_get Set, get, and replace themes for baggr plots
baggr_theme_replace Set, get, and replace themes for baggr plots
baggr_theme_set Set, get, and replace themes for baggr plots
baggr_theme_update Set, get, and replace themes for baggr plots
binary_to_individual Generate individual-level binary outcome data from an aggregate statistics
cauchy Prior distributions in baggr
chicks Chickens: impact of electromagnetic field on calcium ion efflux in chicken brains
convert_inputs Convert inputs for baggr models
data_spike Spike & slab example dataset
effect_draw Make predictive draws from baggr model
effect_plot Plot predictive draws from baggr model
fixed_effects Effects of covariates on outcome in baggr models
forest_plot Draw a forest plot for a baggr model
get_n_samples Extract number of samples from a baggr object
group_effects Extract baggr study effects
heterogeneity Pooling metrics for baggr
is.baggr_cv Check if something is a baggr_cv object
labbe L'Abbe plot for binary data
lkj Prior distributions in baggr
loocv Leave one group out cross-validation for 'baggr' models
loo_compare Compare fitted models on loo
microcredit 7 studies on effect of microcredit supply
microcredit_simplified Simplified version of the microcredit dataset.
mint "Mean and interval" function, including other summaries, calculated for matrix (by column) or vector
multinormal Prior distributions in baggr
normal Prior distributions in baggr
plot.baggr Generic plot for baggr package
plot.baggr_compare Plot method for baggr_compare models
plot_quantiles plot quantiles
pooling Pooling metrics for baggr
pp_check Posterior predictive checks for baggr model
pp_check.baggr Posterior predictive checks for baggr model
predict.baggr Predict method for baggr objects
predict_mutau Predict function for the mu & tau model
predict_quantiles Predict function for the quantiles model
predict_rubin Predict function for the rubin model
predict_unknown Predict method for model that is unknown or not implemented
prepare_ma Convert from individual to summary data in meta-analyses
prepare_prior Prepare prior values for Stan models in baggr
print.baggr S3 print method for objects of class 'baggr' (model fits)
print.baggr_compare Print method for baggr_compare models
print.baggr_cv Print baggr cv objects nicely
print.compare_baggr_cv Print baggr_cv comparisons
print_dist Output a distribution as a string
priors Prior distributions in baggr
random_effects Extract random effects from a baggr model
rubin_data Make model matrix for the rubin data
schools 8 schools example
set_prior_val Add prior values to Stan input for baggr
stop_not_implemented Stop with informative error
summarise_quantiles_data summarise_quantiles_data
treatment_effect Average treatment effect in a baggr model
uniform Prior distributions in baggr