Create Badges for 'Travis', 'Repostatus' '' Etc in Github Readme

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Documentation for package ‘badgecreatr’ version 0.2.0

Help Pages

badgecreatr-package badgecreatr
badgecreatr badgecreatr
badgepaste return markdown with image and link.
badgeplacer Place badges inside a readme.Rmd file
badge_codecov CodeCoverage ' ' Adds a code cov badge
badge_cran Add a badge for CRAN
badge_cran_ago CRAN time ago released
badge_cran_date CRAN release date of current version.
badge_cran_downloads Add a badge for downloads from CRAN
badge_cran_version_ago CRAN version and release in time
badge_cran_version_release CRAN version and date of release
badge_github_fork Add a Github fork badge
badge_github_star Add a Github star badge
badge_last_change Creates last-change badge
badge_last_change_static Creates last-change badge static
badge_license Create a licensebadge
badge_lifecycle Add a lifecycle badge
badge_minimal_r_version Display the minimal R version
badge_packageversion Place a badge with the version of your package.
badge_projectstatus Add project status badge
badge_rank ranking
badge_rdocumentation R documentation badge
badge_thanks_md Add thanks badge
badge_travis Travisbadge creates travis badge.
dynamic_badges_minimal Add dynamic content to readme
findbadges What badges are already found in the 'README.Rmd' document
github_credentials_helper Returns github accountname, repo name and current branch.
licbadgebuilder Add license badge
minimal_badges Add a minimum of badges to your project
search_git Return a list of remotes associated with this repo