orthologs {babelgene}R Documentation

Retrieve gene orthologs/homologs


Retrieve gene orthologs/homologs for a set of genes. Converts between human and non-human analogs.


orthologs(genes, species, human = TRUE, min_support = 3, top = TRUE)



A vector of gene symbols or Entrez/Ensembl IDs.


Species name, such as Mus musculus or mouse (see species() for options).


A logical scalar indicating if the input genes are human. If TRUE, the input genes are human. If FALSE, the input genes correspond to the non-human species and the output will be the human equivalents.


Minimum number of supporting source databases. Gene pairs available in this package are supported by 2 to 12 databases (the maximum varies depending on the species).


For each gene, output only the match with the highest support level if there are multiple hits.


A data frame of gene pairs (human and given species).


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orthologs(genes = "TP53", species = "mouse", human = TRUE)
orthologs(genes = c("Ptprc", "Cd34"), species = "mouse", human = FALSE)

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