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aziztest: A package for finding associations in heterogeneous setting (aberration enrichment)


This package contains the statistical test presented in Mezlini et al. (2020) "Finding associations in a heterogeneous setting: Statistical test for aberration enrichment" <>. It is used to detect associations that are beyond the broad pattern of comparing averages between all cases and all controls. Instead it looks for a heterogeneous association where only some of the cases present the signal of interest while the majority are indistinguishable from controls. For example, in a clinical trial setting our test can be used to assess treatment efficacy in a context of heterogeneous treatment effect, where the drug works well on only some of the patients. Another usage example is in -Omics data where a relevant gene's dysregulation is present in only some of the disease cases.


The main function is the aziz.test() function used to test for heterogeneous associations/ aberration enrichment.

aziztest extra functions

If you are testing multiple variables at once (such as all genes in a gene expression dataset), you can store the results in a list and the reformat it into an easy to use data.frame using the function reformat_results().

In the context of a large number of variables, calibration can be used to speed up p-value calculation with functions calibrate_test() and get_calibrated_pvalues().

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