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Amazon Web Services Request Signatures


Generates Amazon Web Services (AWS) request signatures for RESTful APIs.


This package contains functions mostly intended for developers to use in building API client packages for Amazon Web Services APIs.

The main function of interest is signature_v4_auth, which wraps the other internal functions and returns a named list of elements to be used in authenticating an API request using AWS Signature Version 4. Another function, signature_v2_auth implements the older, mostly deprecated Version 2 algorithm.

Recent versions of the package (>= 0.2.8) identify credentials by walking through a tree of possible sources of values (described in locate_credentials), with optional verbosity, in a manner similar to the Python boto 3 library.

A lower-level function that may be of use to end users is use_credentials, which sets the environment variables used by this package based upon values specified in a ‘⁠.aws/credentials⁠’ file. That function is called by default during package load, if no environment variables are set.

To use this (and any cloudyr package) on AWS EC2 instances or ECS tasks, users will also need to install the aws.ec2metadata package, which allows locate_credentials to know it is running in an instance and check for relevant values.


Thomas J. Leeper <>

See Also

signature_v4_auth, signature_v2_auth, locate_credentials, use_credentials

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