Autocorrelation Regression Trees

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Documentation for package ‘autocart’ version 1.4.5

Help Pages

autocart Create an autocart model
autocartControl Create the object used for the controlling of the splits in the autocart model
autoforest Create a forest of autocart trees..
autotune Find the best alpha, beta, and bandwidth values with k-fold cross-validation
predictAutocart Given an autocart model object, predict for new data passed in
predictAutoforest Make a prediction using an autoforest model returned from the 'autoforest' function.
rmae Relative mean absolute error
spatialNodes Using an autocart model, use the terminal nodes to form a spatial process that uses inverse distance weighting to interpolate. The prediction for the new data that is passed in is formed by making a prediction to assign it to a group. Next, the residual for the new prediction is formed by inverse distance weighting the residual for the other points that are a part of that geometry.