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aurelius package


Generates PFA Documents from R Code and Optionally Runs Them


Converts R syntax into PFA and provides tools for assembling a PFA document within R. Tests validity and runtime behavior of PFA by offloading PFA and data to Titus (through rPython). Facilitates conversion of common R model output to PFA using aurelius.* libraries. Aurelius is part of Hadrian and is on Github at


## Not run: 

# build a model
lm_model <- lm(mpg ~ hp, data = mtcars)
# convert the lm object to a list of lists PFA representation
lm_model_as_pfa <- pfa(lm_model)
# save as plain-text JSON
write_pfa(lm_model_as_pfa, file = "my-model.pfa")

# read the model back in

## End(Not run)

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