Generates PFA Documents from R Code and Optionally Runs Them

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Documentation for package ‘aurelius’ version 0.8.4

Help Pages

aurelius-package 'aurelius' package
aurelius 'aurelius' package
avro_array avro_array
avro_boolean avro_boolean
avro_bytes avro_bytes
avro_double avro_double
avro_enum avro_enum
avro_fixed avro_fixed
avro_float avro_float
avro_from_df avro_from_df
avro_fullname avro_fullname
avro_int avro_int
avro_long avro_long
avro_map avro_map
avro_null avro_null
avro_record avro_record
avro_string avro_string
avro_type avro_type
avro_typemap avro_typemap
avro_union avro_union
build_model build_model
build_model.gbm build_model.gbm
build_model.lda build_model.lda
build_model.naiveBayes build_model.naiveBayes
build_model.randomForest build_model.randomForest
build_model.rpart build_model.rpart
extract_params extract_params
extract_params.Arima extract_params.Arima
extract_params.ets extract_params.ets
extract_params.forecast extract_params.forecast
extract_params.gbm extract_params.gbm
extract_params.glm extract_params.glm
extract_params.glmnet extract_params.glmnet
extract_params.HoltWinters extract_params.HoltWinters
extract_params.ipredknn extract_params.ipredknn
extract_params.kcca extract_params.kcca
extract_params.kccasimple extract_params.kccasimple
extract_params.kmeans extract_params.kmeans
extract_params.knn3 extract_params.knn3
extract_params.knnreg extract_params.knnreg
extract_params.lda extract_params.lda
extract_params.naiveBayes extract_params.naiveBayes
extract_params.randomForest extract_params.randomForest
extract_params.rpart extract_params.rpart
gen_unique_eng_name gen_unique_eng_name
gen_unique_enum_name gen_unique_enum_name
gen_unique_fixed_name gen_unique_fixed_name
gen_unique_rec_name gen_unique_rec_name
gen_unique_symb_name gen_unique_symb_name
json_array json_array
json_map json_map
pfa Generate PFA Document from Object
pfa.Arima PFA Formatting of ARIMA Models PFA Formatting of Fitted glmnet objects
pfa.ets PFA Formatting of Fitted Exponential Smoothing State Space Models
pfa.forecast PFA Formatting of Time Series Models Fit using Forecast Package
pfa.gbm PFA Formatting of Fitted GBMs
pfa.glm PFA Formatting of Fitted GLMs
pfa.glmnet PFA Formatting of Fitted glmnet objects
pfa.HoltWinters PFA Formatting of Fitted Holt Winters Models
pfa.ipredknn PFA Formatting of Fitted knns
pfa.kcca PFA Formatting of Fitted K-Centroid Models
pfa.kccasimple PFA Formatting of Fitted K-Centroid Models
pfa.kmeans PFA Formatting of Fitted K-means Models
pfa.knn3 PFA Formatting of Fitted knns
pfa.knnreg PFA Formatting of Fitted knns
pfa.lda PFA Formatting of Fitted Linear Discriminant Models
pfa.lm PFA Formatting of Fitted Linear models
pfa.naiveBayes PFA Formatting of Fitted naiveBayess
pfa.randomForest PFA Formatting of Fitted Random Forest Models
pfa.rpart PFA Formatting of Fitted rpart Tree Models
pfa_cell pfa_cell
pfa_document pfa_document
pfa_engine pfa_engine
pfa_expr pfa_expr
pfa_pool pfa_pool
read_pfa read_pfa
write_pfa write_pfa