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R package for Analysis of Data with Mixed Measurement Error and Misclassification in Covariates


Implementation of the augmented SIMEX algorithm for data with mixed measurement error and misclassification in covariates. The package is allowing for both parametric SIMEX and empirical SIMEX.


The SIMEX package implements the method developed by Yi et al. (2015) to adjust for both measurement error and misclassification in the generalized linear models. The main function is augSIMEX which returns an "augSIMEX" object. The user can summarize the returned augSIMEX object in a similar format as in glm. The extrapolation can also be visualized through plot function. Other implementation tools are also provided in the package.


Qihuang Zhang and Grace Y. Yi.

Maintainer: Qihuang Zhang <>


Yi G Y, Ma Y, Spiegelman D, et al. Functional and structural methods with mixed measurement error and misclassification in covariates[J]. Journal of the American Statistical Association, 2015, 110(510): 681-696.

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