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AUC Based on the Mann-Whitney Statistic


Obtain the point estimate and the confidence interval of the AUC by various methods based on the Mann-Whitney statistic.

Usage, y, conf.level=0.95, 
                  method=c("newcombe", "pepe", "delong", "DL.corr",
                           "jackknife", "bootstrapP", "bootstrapBCa"), 



a vector of observations from class P.


a vector of observations from class N.


confidence level of the interval. The default is 0.95.


a method used to construct the CI. newcombe is the method recommended in Newcombe (2006); pepe is the method proposed in Pepe (2003); delong is the method proposed in Delong et al. (1988); DL.corr is a method proposed in Perme and Manevski (2018); jackknife uses the jackknife method; bootstrapP uses the bootstrap with percentile CI; bootstrapBCa uses bootstrap with bias-corrected and accelerated CI. The default is newcombe. It can be abbreviated.


number of bootstrap iterations.


The function implements various methods based on the Mann-Whitney statistic.


Point estimate and lower and upper bounds of the CI of the AUC.


The observations from class P tend to have larger values then that from class N.


Dai Feng, Damjan Manevski, Maja Pohar Perme


Elizabeth R Delong, David M Delong, and Daniel L Clarke-Pearson (1988) Comparing the areas under two or more correlated receiver operating characteristic curves: a nonparametric approach. Biometrics 44 837-845

Dai Feng, Giuliana Cortese, and Richard Baumgartner (2017) A comparison of confidence/credible interval methods for the area under the ROC curve for continuous diagnostic tests with small sample size. Statistical Methods in Medical Research 26(6) 2603-2621 DOI: 10.1177/0962280215602040

Robert G Newcombe (2006) Confidence intervals for an effect size measure based on the Mann-Whitney statistic. Part 2: asymptotic methods and evaluation. Statistics in Medicine 25(4) 559-573

Margaret Sullivan Pepe (2003) The statistical evaluation of medical tests for classification and prediction. Oxford University Press

Maja Pohar Perme and Damjan Manevski (2018) Confidence intervals for the Mann-Whitney test. Statistical Methods in Medical Research DOI: 10.1177/0962280218814556


  y <- subset(petBrainGlioma, grade==1, select="FDG", drop=TRUE)
  x <- subset(petBrainGlioma, grade==2, select="FDG", drop=TRUE), y), y, method="delong")

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