Support Querying Axibase Time-Series Database

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Documentation for package ‘atsd’ version 1.2.0

Help Pages

atsd-package Support querying Axibase Time-Series Database.
atsd Support querying Axibase Time-Series Database.
create_entity Create an entity with specified tags or replace the tags of an existing entity.
get_entities Get information about entities from Axibase Time-Series Database.
get_metrics Get information about metrics from Axibase Time-Series Database.
get_series_tags Get unique series tags for the metric.
query Fetch time-series historic data or forecasts from Axibase Time-Series Database.
save_connection Write connection parameters to configuration file.
save_series Save time series into ATSD.
set_connection Set up parameters of a connection with ATSD.
show_connection Show connection parameters.
to_zoo Build zoo object from data frame.
update_entity Update tags and enabled status of an entity.