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asymLD: a package for computing asymmetric Linkage Disequilibrium (ALD) between two polymorphic genetic loci


Computes asymmetric LD measures (ALD) for polymorphic genetic data. These measures are identical to the correlation measure (r) for bi-allelic data.


Package: asymLD
Type: Package
Version: 0.1
Date: 2015-03-13
License: GPL-2

asymLD functions

The function compute.ALD() calculates asymmetric LD for haplotype frequency data. The function compute.AShomz() calculates allele specific homozygosity values for haplotype frequency data.


Thomson G, Single RM. Conditional Asymmetric Linkage Disequilibrium (ALD): Extending the Bi-Allelic r^2 Measure. Genetics. 2014 198(1):321-331. PMID:25023400

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