inadmissibility_cases_considered {asylum}R Documentation

Cases considered under inadmissibility rules


Cases considered under inadmissibility rules, 1 January 2021 - 30 September 2022.




A data frame with 55 rows and 5 variables:








Stage at which the case is being considered


Number of cases



Notes: 1. Data on inadmissibility are taken from internal Home Office management information and should be considered provisional. 2. The figures in this table include a small number of cases that entered the system before 1 January 2021, when the strengthened inadmissibility rules came into force. 3. Includes main applicants and dependants. 4. The time period relates to when the action was taken (e.g. the date the notice was issued, the date the inadmissibility decision was served, etc). 5. The data is a count of the outcomes, not a count of individuals; individuals will be counted multiple times in the data. For example, an individual who received a notice of intent and then a decision of inadmissibility will be counted once in the 'notice of intent issued' group and counted again in the 'inadmissibility decision served' group. 6. Data for October to December 2022 was not available at the time of data extraction for this release, due to ongoing work as immigration data transitions to a new case working system. Updated data will be included in a future edition of the Immigration System Statistics release. 7. 'Removals' includes all enforced removals of those entering the inadmissibility process. Where an enforced removal is linked to criminality, these have been excluded as the removal is not on the grounds of inadmissibility. However, there may still be a small number of enforced removals included in the figures which are for reasons other than inadmissibility. 8. Voluntary returns do not attract an inadmissible decision but require the applicant to withdraw their asylum claim. As such, voluntary returns have been excluded as they are not as a result of an inadmissibility decision. For the total number of asylum-related returns of asylum seekers (beyond those in the inadmissibility process), see the Returns summary table Ret_05.


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