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Breakdown of Asylum costs and productivity


Breakdown of Asylum costs and productivity.




A data frame with 13 rows and 12 variables:

Financial Year

Financial year

Total Asylum Costs

The costs of managing an asylum operations claim include a) costs associated with deciding a case (screening clients, interviews and issuing a decision), b) managing any related appeal, c) the cost of all asylum operations support (S4, S95 & S98) d) detention costs where detention has been used and e) enforcement costs (escorting and assisted voluntary returns). Also included are the costs of department staff and buildings and the proportionate costs of the Home Office building and managerial costs

Asylum WIP (new method)

Number of work in progress claims (new method)

Asylum WIP (old method)

Number of work in progress claims (old method)

Unit Cost

Unit Costs - This is based on the Work in Progress figure. The costs of an asylum operations case will vary considerably dependent on the type of case (single, dependents) as well as barriers to documentation, legal challenges and logistical and practical challenges

Total Conclusion

Total conclusions

Average Conclusions Per Month

Average conclusions per month

Conclusions Productivity

Conclusions producitivity

Total Principal Stages Completed

Total principal stages completed

Average Principal Stages Completed Per Month

Average principal stages completed per month

Asylum Caseworking Staff

Number of asylum caseworking staff


Productivity of staff



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