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Earthquake and Explosion Seismic Series


This is a data frame of the earthquake and explosion seismic series used throughout the text.


A data frame with 2048 observations (rows) on 17 variables (columns). Each column is a numeric vector.


The matrix has 17 columns, the first eight are earthquakes, the second eight are explosions, and the last column is the Novaya Zemlya event of unknown origin.

The column names are: EQ1, EQ2,...,EQ8; EX1, EX2,...,EX8; NZ. The first 1024 observations correspond to the P wave, the second 1024 observations correspond to the S wave.


You can find demonstrations of astsa capabilities at FUN WITH ASTSA.

The most recent version of the package can be found at https://github.com/nickpoison/astsa/.

In addition, the News and ChangeLog files are at https://github.com/nickpoison/astsa/blob/master/NEWS.md.

The webpages for the texts are https://www.stat.pitt.edu/stoffer/tsa4/ and https://www.stat.pitt.edu/stoffer/tsda/.

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